The Indian Banking sector has been an integral part of the overall economy growing with and supporting the growth of other sectors. The sector has withstood the global financial turmoil with little disruption and continued to grow at a healthy pace. The present Rs 64 trillion (US$ 1.17 trillion) Indian banking industry is governed by the Banking Regulation Act of India, (1949) and is closely monitored by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). RBI manages the country's money supply and foreign exchange and also serves as a bank for the Government of India and for the country's commercial banks. As of now, public sector banks account for 70 per cent of the Indian banking assets.

Government support, Liberal policies and huge development in other economic segments have made the Indian banking industry more progressive and inclusive with regard to global banking standards. According to an IBA-FICCI-BCG report, India’s gross domestic product (GDP) growth will make the Indian banking industry the third largest in the world by 2025. According to the report, the domestic banking industry is set for an exponential growth in coming years with its assets size poised to touch USD 28,500 billion by the turn of the 2025. The RBI has been actively encouraging financial inclusion. Only around 40% of the Indian population is currently connected to the banking system.

As per the latest news, new bank licensing guidelines are being framed by RBI and as a result at least 4 to 5 new licenses are likely to be given to private sector entities.


Banking Sector is one which offers ample career opportunities for freshers all around. The career in banking offers a secured profession with all kind of lucrative benefits. With the expansion of banking activities towards the rural and other sub- urban areas the demand for this career has been on a high.

There are various areas where one can work in banking sector. The candidates can work in sales/business development, Probationary Officer, Customer service managers, Front desk jobs, HR, Product marketing area, etc. The key for survival in this industry is the service quality.

Banking as career is very challenging in nature. The number of banks functioning in India is in large number .With more private players coming in to this sector such as ICICI, HDFC, Axis, etc and foreign banks like HSBC, RBS, Citi, Standard chartered etc the level and the nature of opportunities in this sector has also be going up. All banks are on the lookout of more workforce in various sections.

Banks being both in public sector and private sector the number of vacancies have also gone up. Another aspect is that one can gain a status in this job as well social reputation. Due to these reasons, many people view this career as one of the most promising one.


With a huge population base and large untapped market, insurance industry is a big opportunity area in India for national as well as foreign investors. India is the fifth largest life insurance market in the emerging insurance economies globally and is growing at 32-34% annually. This impressive growth in the market has been driven by liberalization, with new players significantly enhancing product awareness and promoting consumer education and information. The strong growth potential of the country has also made international players to look at the Indian insurance market.

Nevertheless, there are hints that the insurance sector could see further changes. Reports suggest that the government might bring the long-delayed insurance bill to Parliament in the budget session of 2013. If passed, the bill increases foreign participation, thereby bringing additional funds and expertise to India insurance companies.


Post privatization, the first private insurance company started business in the year 2000. Till then, employment in the insurance sector was considered akin to any government job, but with private participation, it has assumed significant importance and probably become an exciting career option. One has to look at potential of the market to make estimates about the future. At present, India and China are the two most lucrative insurance markets in the world! Both offering immense potential (remember we are a 110 cr + nation) with high growth rates (15% +) and low penetration (India with less than 4%). This makes it a good career choice.