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YouTube Global Outage: Everything you need to know about it

Sensational news! At least we can say that in today’s scenario. Where life is so dependent on social networking websites. In nutshell, it’s difficult to imagine life without the internet. Just a mere thought of it, will make all of us freeze, isn’t it?

But have you ever thought what would be the consequences if the Internet really went down? One thing is sure shot imaginable that it will be disastrous.

What if the internet stopped working for a day?

  1. Internet Collapse and Communication Errors
    A world without the Internet would probably seem very strange to us now. Depending upon the nature of the disaster and how you defined the Internet, even basic services like text messaging or cell phone service could become unavailable. That’s because the infrastructure for these services is also part of the Internet infrastructure. If you take this thought experiment to an extreme case, even the phone lines might not work since they, too, form part of the Internet’s infrastructure.
    You wouldn’t be able to log on to social networking sites and services like Facebook or Twitter. You wouldn’t be able to fire up an instant messaging service to check up on friends. Many of the tools we rely on to keep up with what our friends and family are doing would cease to exist. If the cell phone towers and telephone lines were also affected, we’d be reduced to writing letters and sending them through the post office.
    Transferring files between computers would be difficult, too. You’d either need to store the files on some form of physical media like a compact disc or you’d need to connect the two computers with a physical cable. Projects that depend upon grid computing to make complex calculations wouldn’t work either. Cloud computing services would also fail and the information you store on those services could become inaccessible.
  2. The Economic Fallout
    If the Internet did collapse somehow, the economic impact would be disastrous. While the loss of services like electronic banking or PayPal would be annoying, the effects would extend much further.
    Think of the businesses that depend on the Internet. Every Web site would be offline. Huge companies like Google or Amazon would become obsolete instantly. Other companies like Microsoft would see enormous sections of their operations disappear. Even companies that only use the Web as a means of advertisement would be adversely affected.
  3. Political Crises
    The economic fallout would probably be the primary crisis governments would face around the world if the Internet were to collapse. But that would just be one problem world leaders would face.
    As the Internet has become more pervasive, countries have used it to gather intelligence and to spy on one another. The loss of the Internet would be an enormous blow to intelligence agencies. Sharing information would become slow and difficult. Some governments might react to such a situation rashly. It’s impossible to predict how each government would react; however, it’s not hard to imagine a series of events that could escalate into a conflict.

But luckily, it didn’t happen. Instead, one of the world’s biggest video streaming platform suffered a global outage on Wednesday (17th October 2018) morning, affecting every single user globally, including India as well.
Nonetheless, YouTube managed to reestablish the services back online without revealing curtain of reason over this global outage.

At 7:00 am, the moment YouTube went down, those first users who faced this issue took this report on Twitter. After some time, a bulk of screenshots and messages are tweeted/ retweeted one by one to YouTube with the hashtag YouTubewentdown. The surprising thing is that the video streaming platform is not the only platform that went down, but rather YouTube Music and YouTube TV were additionally influenced by this global outage. This global outage issue wasn’t particular to platforms as YouTube on web and applications were not working. Users globally who were affected were met with a blank page on attempting to get to the video streaming service.

Worldwide blackout

Downdetector, a site that tracks Internet and telecom administrations, revealed that the blackout affected users around the globe. The live map indicated problem areas in parts of Europe, North America, South America, Asia Pacific, and India.

YouTube reestablishes services

After over 30 minutes of blackout, YouTube said that its services were back on the Internet. The organization, be that as it may, did not uncover why its services went down.

” We’re back! Thanks for all of your patience. If you continue to experience issues, please let us know” it said.

YouTueb Went Down

Greatest blackout in YouTube’s history?

YouTube’s most recent blackout is said to be among the longest service interferences in the organization’s history. YouTube TV, which communicates live matches, confronted two noteworthy issues this year. YouTube TV went down amid the World Cup match among Croatia and England. A few users griped of the service not working during the different matches too. An exact occurrence occurred during the time of an NBA match in May.

At the point when Pakistan caused YouTube blackout

In 2008, YouTube went down for a few hours after the Pakistan government’s endeavor to square access to the administration in the nation. The blackout was bad to the point that it even caused correspondence issues between the Middle East to India.

Project Zorgo

While YouTube hasn’t yet explained the cause behind this global outage, multiple theories point towards a plethora of possible agents in which one of them connects with a group of hackers.

Currently, this group is in question, which goes by the name of ‘Project Zorgo,’ posted a screenshot of YouTube Website to their Twitter account on October 16 boasting about how they accomplished the DoomsDay Test on YouTube website by taking it down.

“Project Zorgo has successfully taken YouTube offline!” this is the caption they wrote above the screenshot of the blank YouTube website.

YouTube Went Down

The Twitter account profile likewise points to a possible involvement in the global outage, reading, “We are the YouTube Hacker group. We believe YouTube has become too powerful and is a threat to traditional media.”

In addition, this group of hackers also claimed to have hacked YouTube’s trending page in early September, which they advertised with a dramatic video. According to the clip, the Project Zorgo had placed one of their own videos on the trending page, which was titled, ‘Project Zorgo Doomsday Date.’

They say that the September hack was just only phase one in their DoomsDay plan to take down the online video platform.

Other probable causes include that of the organization ICANN, who reportedly switched the security keys to YouTube’s DNS servers. While neither of these possibilities has been confirmed by YouTube, the site is now up and running as usual – for now.

Top 10 IT skills in Demand in 2019

2017 was not a good year for the IT segment, however, the forecast for it looks much better. 2019 will see a sharp ascent in the opportunities accessible for talented professionals with the right abilities in rising tech areas like machine learning and AI. As the Indian IT job market is in restoration mode, job searchers and geeks with the correct aptitudes will be in an incredible position to profit by this pattern in 2019.

We should take a gander at the must-have skills for

IT experts in 2019

Machine learning

As the name proposes, machine learning is a mix of the computer system and human intelligence. The best case of a machine learning application is face recognition, which is broadly utilized in cell phones, workstations and on social stages like Facebook (for photograph labeling). In 2019, interest for talented machine learning experts is relied upon to rise fundamentally in healthcare, finance, and e-commerce sectors.


Big Data

In 2019, more than 50% of enterprises will embrace a public-cloud-first policy for data, big data, and analytics. Industry specialists are recommending that Big Data, later on,won’t be about what data to utilize yet rather about what data to overlook. The spotlight will be more on data quality. This will drive up the activity interest for data engineers. It was seen that 13% of information related employment postings were for data engineers, with under 1% for data researchers.

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Cloud computing

Cloud computing is a plan of action where service providers deal with the complete foundation and software perquisites of the client in a customized environment. It’s given that with the advancement of cloud computing, cloud administrations and solutions will likewise grow. Alongside it’s the utilization of hybrid cloud solutions, crowd sourced storage, serverless cloud computing will likewise grow.


This coming year could be the year DevOps goes standard. Containers are vital to empower technology for DevOps and in 2019; a rise in container deployments is definitely going to accelerate. Hirings for Deployment Engineers, DevOps Engineers, Automation DevOps Engineers and Portal DevOps Specialists is expected to see a rise.

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Data analytics

With an expansion in the quantity of extensive data sets to process and get bits of knowledge from, compelling machine learning algorithms, and frameworks to work these calculations have ascended in ubiquity. Data analytics is a help for the IT business at the present time. Technologies and strategies like Big Data, Data science, Machine learning, and Deep learning, which are utilized in examining tremendous volumes of information are growing quickly.


To refine data analytics procedure and to be an effective data scientist, gaining profound insights of customer behaviour and system performance is a must. Currently, India has l more than 50,000 open data analytics employments in the market, and this number is relied upon to develop to 100,000 out of 2019.


Artificial Intelligence

1 of every 5 associations will utilize AI to settle on the decision in 2019. AI enables associations to offer redid answers for clients and give directions to representatives on what to state and do — progressively. Older generation text analytics platforms were exceptionally perplexing. Not very many organizations were effective in dissecting the text data. With profound learning in artificial intelligence, it will be conceivable to effectively investigate both organized and unstructured text data.

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Full stack development

Full Stack web development is the most famous developer occupation. As per an overview by stack flood in 2017, 75.2% of full stack designers are keen on finding out about new job openings to work. 2019 will have countless job opportunities for full stack engineers, full stack developers, full stack web application engineers, full stack programming engineers and different roles.



2019 will be a run of the mill for UX and UI as they will push limits, defy the norms, and accept hazards as Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) will assume a crucial job in UX and UI plans. 2019 will see an ascent popular for gifted UI and UX designers, developers, architect, user researchers, usability analysts in India. With more than 3.2 million opening around the world, this is a hot aptitude to add to your profile!

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IoT will turn into the foundation of future client value. Selection of savvy operators like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant is on the ascent. This has given advertisers new tools to pick up bits of knowledge into customer behaviour. The Internet of Things advertise is relied upon to develop from USD 170.57 Billion of every 2017 to USD 561.04 Billion by 2022, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 26.9%, states Markets and Markets Research. This is expected to see a relating increment in the quantity of employments offer in India.



The banking industry will determine $1 billion in business esteem from the utilization of blockchain-based cryptographic forms of money by 2020, states a Gartner report. The joined estimation of digital forms of money is $155 billion worldwide and this esteem is evaluated to increment and will speak to the greater part of overall blockchain worldwide business esteem include through year-end 2023, which implies more extension for occupations like Blockchain Developer, Blockchain Consultant, and Blockchain Architect.