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By | June 1, 2018

Some time ago, LinkedIn has released the 2018 Top companies list where Indian professionals most want to work across India. The whole list is scrutinized on the basis of four main pillars: interest in the company; engagement with employees; job demand; and employee retention. Inside this list, 25 Top Companies were highlighted by LinkedIn that are most sought-after by the professionals.

Directi, Flipkart and One97 Communications (Paytm), these 3 companies are the ones that hold the first three spots at the 2018 25 Top Companies list which has been the most sought organizations among the job seekers or professionals.

Here is the list of 2018 top 25 companies in India.

  1. Deloitte India (Management Consulting)

Deloitte 2018 Top companiesGlobal headcount: 263,900

Deloitte, one of the “Big Four” accounting organizations and the largest professional services network in the world by revenue and number of professionals. Across thirteen cities in India, Deloitte offers services such as Audit, Risk Advisory, Tax, Consulting and Financial Advisory.


  1. Reliance Industries (Oil & Energy)

Reliance 2018 Top companies

Global headcount: 34,120

One of the coolest thing about Reliance’s office’s house is that they have their own football and cricket stadiums with floodlights, LED scoreboards and arena seating, as well as other outdoor sports like tennis and basketball.


  1. Unilever (Consumer Goods)

Unilever 2018 Top companiesGlobal headcount: 169,000

Unilever products are everywhere, it’s in your kitchen (Lipton and Kisan), your bathroom (Dove and Axe) and also on your dressing table (Elle 18, Brylcreem). Nine out of 10 products are of Hindustan Unilever Ltd. That is being used in every Indian household. The company is ensuring that they don’t lose this primary position. For this, they require agility and decision-making ability at their all layers. Unilever “Future Leaders Programmer” where they recruit entry-level employees and train them to become managers in two or three years.


  1. JPMorgan Chase & Co. (Financial Services)

JPMorgan 2018 Top companiesGlobal headcount: 240,000

JPMorgan Chase & Co. is a leading banking and financial services firm and their key investments for success are in” people, systems, and products”. The reason for their employees to stick around for seven years includes perks such as backup child care services and discounts on banking services, electronics and travel.


  1. Shell (Oil & Energy)

Shell 2018 Top companies

Global headcount: 92,000

Pan-India accelerator, a programme by oil major for energy startups, where technical and commercial mentorship and an investment of up to $20,000 will be provided to the promising ones.





  1. Goldman Sachs (Financial Services)

Goldman Sachs 2018 Top companies

Global headcount: 35,623

Goldman Sachs biggest office outside New York is its new $250 million Bangalore Campus with the seating capacity of 9,000 people. Every year Goldman Sachs raises funds for marginalized communities around the world with the events like Trailwalker 100-km race.


  1. PwC India (Accounting)

pwc 2018 Top companiesGlobal headcount: 236,235

PwC has a client list that includes 419 of the global Fortune 500 companies and a history that takes us to long back when Charles Dickens ruled the bestseller list. It also stands out from the Big Fours firms when it comes to perks.  PwC doesn’t put the needs of their employees on the back burner.


  1. MakeMyTrip(Internet)

MakeMyTrip 2018 Top companiesGlobal headcount: 3,200

MakeMyTrip is India’s largest online travel agency with a market share of 75%. It offers free courses for its employees, ranging from customized behavioral programmes to study tours to Europe and Southeast Asia.


  1. GE (Electrical/Electronic Manufacturing)

GE 2018 Top companiesGlobal headcount: 295,000

There are eight different leadership programmes run by GE, where they recruit graduates and give them hands-on experience and training.
There is some 25% GE senior management who were graduated from a GE leadership programme.




  1. Ola (Internet)

OLA 2018 Top companiesGlobal headcount: 6,000

Fun Fact: Ola has multiple clubs where their employees keep their stress at bay and mingle with each other or other team members.



  1. DBS Bank (Banking)

DBS banking 2018 Top companies

Global headcount: 24,000

DBS keep a check on its employees’ health. It organizes health camps for dealing with issues like back pain or cardiovascular issues.



  1. Morgan Stanley (Financial Services)

Morgan Stanley 2018 Top companiesGlobal headcount: 57,000

There are over 3,000 employees working at Morgan Stanley in India. An interesting fact is that the average tenure of an employee is 7.6 years, a little longer than the average tenure among this year’s Top Companies.




  1. Expedia (Internet)

expedia 2018 Top companiesGlobal headcount: Over 20,000

Expedia owns and HomeAway. Last year, it spent around $5.3 billion on marketing. And the company plans to spend a lot more this year than the previous one.
This time, it also scrapped its performance rating to focus on providing employees with ongoing feedback.

  1. Adobe (Computer Software)

Adobe 2018 Top companiesGlobal headcount: 18,000

Adobe has a 26-week maternity and a 16-week parental leave to 20 days’ bereavement leave with all fully paid. It gives its employees enough time to recover, not only physically but mentally also, before they can join back after a major life event.






  1. Daimler AG(Automotive)

DAIMLER 2018 Top companiesGlobal headcount: 289,321

Key manufacturing units of Daimler is in Chennai and Pune. And the largest R&D outside Germany is in Bangalore, India.






  1. OYO (Hospitality)

OYO 2018 Top companies


Global headcount: 2,700

In designing OYO’s five-floor office, every employee has it’s saying, how they want their surroundings to be.




  1. EY (Accounting)

EY 2018 Top companiesGlobal headcount: 250,000

In EY, there is 16 weeks’ parental leave for those employees who have welcomed a new member through birth, adoption, foster care or legal guardianship.




  1. KPMG India (Management Consulting)

KPMG 2018 Top companiesGlobal headcount: 197,263

KPMG India has offices in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kochi, Chandigarh and Ahmedabad.



  1. Alphabet (IT & Services)

Alphabet 2018 Top companiesGlobal headcount: 80,110

The Alphabet division of the company, Google, handles the market for search, and with Facebook, a little bit of digital advertising, too.



  1. Mckinsey & Company (Management Consulting)

Mckinsey&Company 2018 Top companiesGlobal headcount: 25,000

A leave programmer named as “Take Time”, where an employee can take extra five to ten days off to pursue their passion or attend a family matter.



  1. Anheuser-Busch InBev (Consumer Goods)

ABInBev 2018 Top companiesGlobal headcount: 200,000

If you’re a beer person, you may know this or may not that there are around 500 beer brands from ABInBev in more than 150 countries. Some of the beer names include Budweiser, Corona, Hoegaarden and Stella Artois, etc.




  1. Amazon(Internet)

Amazon 2018 Top companiesGlobal headcount: 566,000

There is a Ramp Back programme where a new parent gets eight weeks of flexibility and partial work hours, so they can get accustomed to their new daily schedules.




  1. One97 Communications (Internet)

one97 2018 Top companiesGlobal headcount: 17,000

One97 Communications aka Paytm offers stock plans to top performers, aside from an annual bonus. More than 20 Paytm employees recently became dollar millionaires.




  1. Flipkart (Internet)

Flipkart 2018 Top companies

Global headcount: 8,000

Warm Welcome from Flipkart to their new recruits is by a treasure hunt inside the office which will help them to explore the office.  And can interact with their fellow “Flipsters”.








  1. Directi (Internet)

Directi 2018 Top companiesGlobal headcount: More than 1,500

In Directi, every new employee gets a welcome kit with a kindle as a complimentary gift. After they settle, the Xbox, the foosball, and table tennis to ensure that their stress is at bay.

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