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YouTube Global Outage: Everything you need to know about it

Sensational news! At least we can say that in today’s scenario. Where life is so dependent on social networking websites. In nutshell, it’s difficult to imagine life without the internet. Just a mere thought of it, will make all of us freeze, isn’t it? But have you ever thought what would be the consequences if the Internet really… Read More »

Top 10 IT skills in Demand in 2019

2017 was not a good year for the IT segment, however, the forecast for it looks much better. 2019 will see a sharp ascent in the opportunities accessible for talented professionals with the right abilities in rising tech areas like machine learning and AI. As the Indian IT job market is in restoration mode, job searchers and geeks… Read More »

How to detect fake job offer emails

While the web has helped job searchers discover opportunities at the snap of the fingers from anyplace, it has additionally made them more defenseless against hackers/ con artists. What is a job offer email scam? A job offer email scam happens when a con artist acts like a business or recruiter and offers alluring job openings which necessitate… Read More »

Phrases you should never say to your boss

You put all your efforts on getting a job and probably completing goals to earn a pay raise, promotion or both at end of this year. The key to success is not from completing presentations, sales reports, and other performance indicators, it is from how you interact with your boss. But despite all your good intentions, a slip… Read More »

Workplace 4.0 : AI in HR

Artificial Intelligence(AI) is changing the advanced human resource department by giving an assortment of new data-driven tools. Information gathering A.I. chatbots (a computerized discussion in-between customized programming and human client) are a mainstream instrument that enable HR offices to track and convey a superior representative affair. An IBM Institute for Business Value review found that half of the… Read More »

6 Recruitment Challenges in India

Recruitment is one of the most difficult tasks in a company. Companies like a six-person startup to the multinational advisory firm, everyone face these challenge. Every month, around one million people enter the job market in search of a job. Now, India has the highest percentage of the workforce available which is actively seeking a new job. Picking… Read More »

Reasons to Hire HR in small business

When it’s your first time, it’s normal to wear different hats. It’s a must knowing fact for an entrepreneur or a small business owner. If you want to establish a successful and profitable business, you should hand-off all your management-related tasks and issues to a knowledgeable and talented HR professional [this is when the right time arrives]. Why… Read More »

Advantages of Outsourcing a HR consultant

What does an HR Consultant do? An HR consultant is similar to an HR employee of an organization/ company. The only difference is HR consultant has the right to offer his/her services to multiple companies at a time. They are not bounded to a single organization. Both of them have the same responsibility. Major Responsibilities of an HR… Read More »

7 Reasons to Outsource Hiring Process

The global economy has been changing drastically, making recruiting and hiring the perfect candidate for the organization becomes a very daunting task. In this fast-paced economy, many conditions arise such as global competition, lightning fast business conditions changing, skill shortages, and war of talents. Recruiting in this kind of environment, finding and hiring the perfect candidate requires a… Read More »

Best companies to work for in 2018

Some time ago, LinkedIn has released the 2018 Top companies list where Indian professionals most want to work across India. The whole list is scrutinized on the basis of four main pillars: interest in the company; engagement with employees; job demand; and employee retention. Inside this list, 25 Top Companies were highlighted by LinkedIn that are most sought-after… Read More »