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How to detect fake job offer emails

While the web has helped job searchers discover opportunities at the snap of the fingers from anyplace, it has additionally made them more defenseless against hackers/ con artists. What is a job offer email scam? A job offer email scam happens when a con artist acts like a business or recruiter and offers alluring job openings which necessitate… Read More »

Phrases you should never say to your boss

You put all your efforts on getting a job and probably completing goals to earn a pay raise, promotion or both at end of this year. The key to success is not from completing presentations, sales reports, and other performance indicators, it is from how you interact with your boss. But despite all your good intentions, a slip… Read More »

Eight different ways to increase productivity at work in small business

As a head of a small business, you wear numerous caps: sales representative, accountant, advertiser, manager, designer, networker to give some examples. It can be elating, yet at the same time exhausting, so anything you can do to relieve the burden ought to be invited.   By working more efficiently, you’ll increase your productivity, giving yourself a superior… Read More »

Things to do on your first day at Work 2018

First day at the first Job – one of the most unforgettable moments in someone’s career journey. We all remember this because we all have the same heightened pressure to impress our boss and our colleagues on our first day. Don’t worry, it happens with everyone as I said before. I can be tackled; you just only need… Read More »

HR: Employee Personal Issues in the Workplace

Each workplace inside a company has employees who have things going ahead outside of work. A debilitated youngster or family member. A difficult time at home, maybe a struggling marriage, or monetary issues. Perhaps a representative is suffering from depression, liquor abuse, or dysfunctional behavior. There are various difficulties confronting the present worker. A few workplaces think about… Read More »