Phrases you should never say to your boss

By | September 14, 2018

You put all your efforts on getting a job and probably completing goals to earn a pay raise, promotion or both at end of this year. The key to success is not from completing presentations, sales reports, and other performance indicators, it is from how you interact with your boss. But despite all your good intentions, a slip of tongue could quickly tarnish your boss’ perception of you. Certain comments and questions based on negative perspectives can set back your relationship with your boss. So, think twice before you repeat any of those words or comments in front of your boss.


To avoid that kind of catastrophe and keep your job, here are a few words and expressions you ought to never articulate to your manager, regardless of whether you’re friends:


  1. I need a raisePhrases you should never say to your boss 8

You should never pull a gun of quitting the job in front of your boss to get a raise or perk, no one likes it. This behavior is completely unprofessional and a guaranteed way to end your career. Try brushing up salary negotiation skills for asking a raise.

  1. It’s not my fault

    Phrases you should never say to your boss 2The blame game is a misleading way. In case you’re innocent, at that point clarify why. Try not to involve others in the event that you bear the primary duty. In case you’re generally observed as somebody pointing the finger, in the end, your boss will address who is truly to blame.

  2. We have tried that before

    Phrases you should never say to your bossAt the point when another pioneer joins a company or team, it’s inescapable that he/she’ll need to attempt new things. Nonetheless, a portion of those things will be projects and initiatives that have been attempted at the company previously and didn’t work. Bosses don’t prefer to catch wind of what was done previously. At the end of the day, you won’t win this argument, so as opposed to battling against attempting similar things once more, decide why they bombed previously and endeavor to improve them this time.

  3. That’s not part of my job

    Phrases you should never say to your boss 5If your boss needs something done from you, then don’t argue with him that it’s your job or not. You have to find a way to get that errand/job done by yourself or by working with some another employee.

  4. This is how we have always done it

    Phrases you should never say to your boss 3Individuals normally don’t care for change and employees once in a while like change. New leadership teams frequently need to roll out a variety of improvements and changes and employees react contrarily to those progressions.

  5. That’s Impossible

    Phrases you should never say to your boss 10If your boss asks for something that seems impossible to you, keep your urge to say no to yourself. “No” in response to your boss’s request is a dumb move. Boss only wants to hear the solutions, not problems.

  6. I can’t work with that person

Phrases you should never say to your boss 4
Your boss anticipates that you will carry out your job, and in some case,s you need to work with some particular employees that you don’t care for. Try not to demonstrate to your boss that you’re hard to work with by declining to work with particular people.

  1. I’m too busy

    Phrases you should never say to your boss 7Telling your boss, that you’re excessively caught up with, making it impossible to accomplish something is like revealing to him that you’re unequipped for doing your job.

  2. I’m not paid enough to do thatPhrases you should never say to your boss 9Perhaps you’re simply attempting to be clever — or indicate that you earn a raise — yet this expression is exceptionally improper and amateurish and it tells your boss that you’re not willing to go well beyond.
  3. How do I benefit from this?

    phrases you should never say to your boss

    Here and there your work includes helping other people and different departments. Bosses have little resistance for the individuals who aren’t cooperative enough with other team players.

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