6 Recruitment Challenges in India

By | June 18, 2018

Recruitment is one of the most difficult tasks in a company. Companies like a six-person startup to the multinational advisory firm, everyone face these challenge. Every month, around one million people enter the job market in search of a job. Now, India has the highest percentage of the workforce available which is actively seeking a new job. Picking up the right candidate from the one million people who are actively seeking for the job is like looking for a needle in a haystack. You know that the right person for the job is there somewhere, but to find him/her, looking and examining them is a daunting task. But the good news is as a recruiter, you’re not alone.

Here, I’ll address those challenges which can seriously impact the economic growth of India, if left unaddressed. As with every challenge, there is an opportunity to improve. So, look at these challenges and eliminate them beforehand.

#1: Less on Selection

Primarily, there are one million people who are seeking a job. But how many of them are worth recruiting for that position. Interviewing every single one of them is very hard as well as a necessity. But calling or selecting every single one of them for the further round isn’t a necessity. This is where the problem arises, you don’t know whether the candidate you just rejected might have some potential and best fit for the position if he/she has little knowledge about it, or the candidate you just hired might not be suitable for working in the team but he/she has the knowledge. In reality, it’s very hard to find that ideal candidate who has the potential, the teamwork attitude and the required knowledge.

#2: Is the candidate role ready?

If the candidate isn’t role prepared, facilitate the candidate with one-on-one coaching, guidance session with senior workers or digital work chance and facilitate him get on-board. During a cpiworld.com survey, two-fifths of the respondents most well-liked work in their organizations, because it helps them build the requisite skillsets and three-tenths of them, viewed it as a core ability. Accenture offers {a work|a training} Skills Maturity Model that assesses the organizations current coaching culture and offers a possible blueprint for serving to the staff. each new candidates connexion Oracle Direct receives an intensive and rewardful 3-week sales and products coaching.

#3: Candidates and Multiple offers

Candidates typically notice themselves selecting between multiple offers, each as enticing as the next. This job seeker’s market has staff feeling comfy enough to begin betting on the opposite aspect of the fence and think about job changes, in spite of the volatile stock exchange.

Right now, IT staff are naming their costs and being unbelievably choosey regarding wherever they are going. firms got to get transcend the competitive salaries and get inventive regarding what they provide. Company culture, benefits, perks, and future growth opportunities all play a job in attracting tech talent nowadays.

#4: Employee retention issues

It’s more common than ever for workers to leap jobs. In fact, a simple fraction of recent hires quit their jobs once operating concerning six months. once this happens, your client would possibly question whether or not you’re ready to realize the correct person for the position.

Employee retention problems will hurt your recruiter name. You discover a candidate and your client on-board them. Once a number of months pass, the new employee finds a job somewhere else. You’ve got to begin the recruiting method over. Or worse, the client doesn’t hire you to seek out another candidate. This could quickly become one in all your biggest enlisting challenges.

#5: Priority in a strategic management:

These new systems are emerging in as an opportunity as well as a challenge for the HR professionals. Therefore, reviewing staffing desires and prioritizing the tasks to fulfill those changes within the market has become a challenge for the HR professionals.

#6. Lack of HR Skills

Presently, most of the recruiters have technological tools, however, lack the abilities to utilize them to their advantage relating to effectively taking the information. This makes them less competitive with the recruiters who are concocting latest HR software system, HR analytics, tools to search out, screen and supply candidates.

To overcome this they only need to learn them. Despite the scale of your company, some positions are hard to fill in, the more you will use those technically advanced HR tools, the better decisions you will take in hiring and maintaining the image of the industry. You’ll be able to influence your hires, retain them, and create it a decent place for them to begin.

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