About Us

Corporate Zoom

Corporate Zoom is an unparalleled destination when it comes to HR solutions, the A to Z solutions to all your HR problems seamlessly made available to you on a single platform. We are one of the leading recruitment companies in the country. It is owned by team oriented professionals with more than 22 years of experience, extensive understanding of every nook and corner of the HR aspects and an interminable passion to deliver the best. Our gamut of services has not only benefitted the startups but has also swayed the prominent global players off their feet, including the Fortune 500 companies and the big business conglomerates.

What we do?

At Corporate Zoom, manpower recruitment is our discipline and we leave no stone unturned in escalating and enhancing the recruitment process by compounding its productivity multifariously. We fabricate the best of logical strings and intertwine them with a realistic client-centric approach to yield the most outstanding results. The diversity of our expertise is not only confined to selecting the finest of the talents but also spans into amalgamating as well as managing the whole recruitment process along with refining the employee performance and proficiently governing & administering the outsourcing programs.

Why Choose us ?

We, at Corporate Zoom work relentlessly towards designing and developing HR interventions so that you could focus your time and energy on the core business challenges and invest your valuable knowledge and experience at the appropriate places. Our virtuously executed perceptive vision in conjunction with robust research, trademarks us as one of the most sought after HR firm across the expanse of the world to handpick the paramount talent for our clients. Our processes are carefully tailored to harmonize with the frequency of requirements of our client organization.

Our Mission

To develop Corporate Zoom People Solutions as a most admired, people-centric and efficient human resource service provider. We aspire to be the most respected and tremendously trusted Talent Acquisition firm which delivers exceptionally extraordinary service to the clients with the maximum achievable valuation. At Corporate Zoom, we strive for a comprehensive understanding of the routine business concerns & challenges and aim at befittingly tackling them. . We intend to accomplish this mission through valuable resources, verified methodology and proficient execution meticulously coupled with our incessant passion for our work. We are passionate about everything that we do and so we do it in the best possible way.

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