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Finding the ideal candidate for your organization can be cumbersome and even after investing enormous energy and valuable time, you might not succeed in finding that perfect-fit. Why not leave this job to the experts and focus your precious resources in tackling the core business challenges. You can trust our recruitment experts, who with the right set of skills and plentiful experience ensure to find the best-fit candidates for your organization strictly adhering to your requirements.

Volume Hiring

As the name suggests, it is a process of hiring a large number of candidates within a specific period of time. It requires a calculated targeting of the appropriate talent pool and a careful screening of the resumes. Even after splurging a lot of time, energy and money, organizations are unable to find the desired employable skills in the candidates. With a carefully designed strategy executed by immensely experienced professionals, we, at Corporate Zoom dedicate ourselves in finding the required number of desired candidates for your organization.
Permanent Hiring

Hiring employees for your organization on permanent basis is a serious commitment and requires detailed analysis. We have a team of specialists who pledge to help your organization and devote themselves in fulfilling this objective for you. We have a modernized and well-structured process which reduces all costs that are usually incurred during the recruiting, on-boarding and training of the newly hired employees. Corporate Zoom carefully handpicks the best candidates who will get perfectly absorbed in your organization as permanent assets.

Contract Base

A core HR Department can handle everyday operations with ease. But circumstances may arise when the permanent staff cannot meet the requirements of the workload. Contract based hiring is ideal for situations like these where an additional staff, proficient in specific areas, can be hired for a fixed period of time to effectively handle the added workload. Corporate Zoom with its remarkable experience in contract staff recruitment and its never-ending passion to deliver unparalleled results is resolutely working towards becoming a synonym to Contract hiring.

Contingency hiring

Contingency hiring is a service that a recruitment company performs for free and the recruiter earns a fee only when the organization hires someone represented by them. This model is used to fill-up middle to upper management positions. At Corporate Zoom, we consider contingency recruitment and other recruitment processes alike and treat them with the same care and competence. We employ an intelligent amalgamation of analytics and experience to help your organization realize its current goals and future aspirations.

Global Sourcing

Global Sourcing is a special service that caters to the needs and demands of businesses present across the globe, looking to employ Indian talents at various functional levels in their organization. With an unsurpassed combination of our intelligent methodology deeply rooted in research and analytics alongside our strong-knit network with the Indian as well as global talent pools, Corporate Zoom is ready to embark on any Global Sourcing journey. Our robust sourcing skills facilitate a seamlessly impeccable and result-oriented globally sourced hiring.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Recruitment Process Outsourcing enables an employer to hire a third party recruitment service provider which then works to manage the recruitment process for the employer. This so-hired recruiter is the owner of the designing and the management of the whole recruitment process. With our profound expertise coupled with intelligent technological tools and a knack for innovation, we, at Corporate Zoom are determined towards escalating your business with our leading-edge solutions for your recruitment outsourcing needs.

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